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To celebrate our 21st Birthday the AAVWS teamed up with Award-winning wine writer Max Allen and independent publisher Melbourne Books to publish an exciting new book, Alternative Reality, that charts the course of Australia’s alternative variety wine revolution over the last two decades through the lens of the stories, people and wines of the AAVWS.
Alternative Reality tells the story of new grape varieties, new wine styles, new winemaking personalities and cultures that have emerged, dramatically changing how this country thinks about and enjoys wine and how, much of this change can be traced to a wine competition in Mildura.
Alternative Reality will be released on 1st September 2023, but you can get ahead of the pack and pick up some of the first copies hot off the press delivered to your door by ordering your copies now.
**** Alternative Reality is $49.50 per book with postage and handling rate of 1 book $12, 2-5 books $24 or 6 - 10 books $35. If you would like to purchase more than 10 copies we are delighted to offer you a 25% discount plus free postage at $37 a copy. Please email info@aavws.com with your order now.
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