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2014 Results Class Sangiovese (More Structured)

Balgownie EstateBalgownie Black Label Sangiovese2013GoldView »
Greenstone Vineyard Pty LtdSangiovese Rosso di Colbo2013SilverView »
Dalfarras Wines Pty LtdDalfarras 2013 Sangiovese2013SilverView »
Di Sciascio Family WinesD'SAS2013SilverView »
ChrismontLaZona Sangiovese2013SilverView »
Hugh Hamilton WinesThe Mongrel2013BronzeView »
Sedona EstateSedona Estate Sangiovese2012BronzeView »
Coriole Vita Reserve2010BronzeView »
The Pawn Wine CompanyThe Gambit2012BronzeView »
The Winery Pty LtdTwo Italian Boys Sangiovese2013BronzeView »
Fighting Gully RoadSangiovese2013BronzeView »
Sedona EstateSedona Estate Sangiovese2013BronzeView »
James and Co James and Co Sangiovese2012BronzeView »
Kirrihill WinesKirrihill Wines, Clare Valley Sangiovese2012BronzeView »
Saltram Wine EstateSaltram Winemakers Selection Sangiovese2012BronzeView »
Pizzini winesPizzini Sangiovese2012BronzeView »
Collector Wines Pty LtdRose Red City Sangiovese2013BronzeView »
Rutherglen Estates Sangiovese2013CView »
Pizzini winesPizzini Sangiovese limited release2009View »
wine architectLa Bise Sangiovese2009View »
wine architectLa Bise2012View »
Massoni WinesMassoni Sangiovese2013View »
Critenden EstatePinocchio Sangiovese2013View »
The Little Wine CompanyLittle Wiine Company Sangiovese2012View »
Massoni WinesMassoni2011View »
Trifon EstateTrifon Estate Sangiovese2008View »
Capital WinesForeign Minister Sangiovese2013View »
Salena Estate WinesInk Series Sangiovese2011View »
Vigna Bottin Winesvigna bottin sangiovese2013View »
Gatt WinesGatt Accent Sangiovese2012View »
McIvor EstateMcIvor Estate Sangiovese 20122012View »
McIvor EstateMcIvor Estate Sangiovese 20132013View »
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