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2005 Results Class pinot gris/grigio - rich and full-bodied

TGallant WinemakersImogen Pinot Gris2004GoldView »
Starvedog LaneStarvedog Lane Pinot Gris2004SilverView »
Bay of FiresBay of Fires Pinot Gris2005BronzeView »
Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty LtdPinot Gris2005BronzeView »
Dorrien Estate WineryFlying Jib Mornington Peninsula Pinot Gris2004BronzeView »
Mount Majura VineyardPinot Gris2005BronzeView »
Hollys GardenPinot Gris2004BronzeView »
Barringwood ParkBarringwood Park Pinot Gris2004View »
Boggy Creek WinesBoggy Creek Pinot Gris2003View »
Casella WinesCasella Family Reserve Pinot Gris2004View »
Irvine WinesIrvine Pinot Gris2005View »
Kingston Estate WinesEmpiric Pinot Gris2004View »
Long Rail Gully WinesPinot Gris2005View »
Mantons Creek VineyardPinot Gris2003View »
TGallant WinemakersTribute Pinot Gris2004View »
OakridgePinot Gris2005View »
Pewsey Vale VineyardsPewsey Vale Pinot Gris2005View »
Shadowfax WinesPinot Gris2005View »
Symphonia WinesPinot Grigio2005View »
Thorn-Clarke WinesSandpiper Pinot Gris2004View »
Stefani EstatePinot Gris2004View »
Bimbadgen EstatePinot Grigio2004View »
Barrymore EstatePinot Gris2003View »
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